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All Pets provides a wide range of surgical procedures for its patients. In addition, we perform all of the elective surgeries (spays, neuters, etc.). Many of our clients express surprise to learn of the range of non-elective surgeries available here – abdominal surgeries involving the intestines, bladder, and other organs; orthopedic surgeries to repair fractured bones; knee surgeries to repair torn cruciate ligaments and other joint disorders; and more.


Controlling Pain

Because surgical procedures can result in discomfort for our patients, the doctors and staff at All Pets are huge proponents of utilizing pain medication before and after surgery. Just as with people, minimizing pain is best achieved by getting pain medications on board before the pain starts instead of after. Accomplishing this starts with the use of pain relieving pre-medications before the procedure and continuing during and after the surgery. We prescribe medications to minimize pain at home for several days post-surgery, and we have been very pleased with the improved comfort they receive. We would certainly want our pain minimized if we had surgery, and we recommend the same for our patients.

As with every other aspect of our clinic, we are honored that our clients bring their pet to us, and we want to do all we can to make sure that their experience is as discomfort free and stress free as possible.

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