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Many of our patients have problems with their teeth, and many of those problems can be painful. The most common oral problem that we see is excessive dental tartar. As a result, dental cleaning and polishing is a procedure that we do almost every day at All Pets.

When we clean the teeth of one of our patients, it is much like when people have their teeth cleaned. First we remove the tartar from the teeth. Then we clean the small “nooks and crannies” around and between the teeth with the ultrasonic scalar (the “water jet” instrument), and then we polish the teeth because the scalar cases mild etching in the tooth enamel that we need to polish away to keep tartar from coming right back.

Everything described so far is pretty similar between people and pets having their teeth cleaned, but there is one large difference – pets don’t open up and say aaaahh very well. So we do need to use anesthesia, which means that we have their owners drop them off first thing in the morning so that we can clean their teeth and have them up and ready to go home that afternoon. We do a lot of things in the name of safety here – please look at the “Surgical” services part of our web page where we outline many of the safety measures we put in place for our anesthesia patients!

Many of our patients need more than a simple teeth clean and polish. We routinely extract broken or infected teeth, treat gum disease, and perform other oral surgical procedures.

Dentistry is one of the most satisfying areas of our work because many of our patients arrive at All Pets with a mouth that is pretty painful and go home with a lot less pain – and that is what we really like to do!

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