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Canine Preventative Care Packages

  • Our clients have told us that a big hurdle to good pet care is the big expense all at one time.
  • These packages allow our clients to spread the cost of their pet’s health care over the year in monthly payments.
  • Basically, we have pulled together the services that our clients utilize most frequently, applied some volume discounts, and spread the cost into monthly payments.
  • So after you purchase a package, you pay nothing when you come in for the services that are included in that package. Imagine coming in for annual vaccinations and not paying anything for them that day.
  • There are two packages, the “Standard” package costs $15/month, and the “Premium” package costs $45/month. There is a $35 enrollment fee.
  • Both packages include all of our recommended annual vaccinations and blood tests.
  • The Premium package also includes a dental cleaning, thyroid check and several things that benefit our senior patients.
  • The discounts in the Standard package save you over $50 per year; the Premium package saves you over $225 per year.
  • In addition, if you purchase either package, you get 10% off on any service that is not included in the package (like x-rays, surgery, dental cleaning, blood tests, etc).
  • Our technicians can go over this with you in more detail!


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