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Kitten Package

*All prices subject to periodic change.

Kitten Package (6wks)

This package assures that your new kitten will receive all the health services and products that he or she needs to be set up for success, and it saves you money!

Purchasing this package instead of paying for each item individually results in 25% off of your kitten's 6 week, 8 week, 12 week, and 14 week visits!!

Includes all Exams,FeLV / FIV test, Vaccinations, Revolution, Fecal exams, and Neuter/spay surgery.

Services/ products included:1st Visit2nd Visit3rd Visit4th Visit
Physical Exam x x x x
FeLV / FIV test   x    
Rabies Vaccine   x    
Distemper Vaccine x     x
Distemper / Leukemia Vaccine   x x  
Advantage Multi   x x x
Fecal Exam   x x  
Spay or Neuter       x


Which surgery is for your kitten:Non-packagePackageSavings
Neuter $435 $327 $108
Neuter/ front declaw $510 $384 $126
Spay $499 $376 $123
Spay/ front declaw $562 $424 $138


For surgeries, we recommend pre-surgical blood work which decreases the risks of anesthesia and using the RSM/ laser which results in less blood loss, less discomfort, and faster recovery time. When you sign up for the package you also get:

  • 25% off the RSM and Pre surgical blood work if you choose these options for surgery.
  • 25% off a microchip implant.

Payment can be at the time of purchase or we allow ½ paid at the time of purchase and ½ paid one month later (the delayed payment must be a check, Visa, or MasterCard that we hold for one month before cashing.)

Package prices expire 180 days after purchase.

Date of purchase: ________________________

Pet name:_______________________________

Owner name: ____________________________

Owner signature:__________________________

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