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All Pets Medicine, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Clinic has a cool piece of equipment that we are very exited about. It is called a Pulse Signal Therapy Machine (PST). I have attached a more in-depth fact sheet, but wanted to also give you a quick summary of what the machine is about. PST is a technology that is being used extensively in Europe to help people with arthritic pain and pain due to traumatic injury. Many European sports teams have one. It is being used in America primarily in the veterinary field because the FDA has not approved its use for humans yet. The machine uses an electromagnet to generate a pulsed signal that is focused on the affected joint or area. The pulsed signal stimulates the growth of new cartilage and bone cells, thereby improving the joint’s function and relieving pain. It is also beneficial in promoting healing after surgery.

Our goal with this equipment is to relieve pain. There are a large number of our patients that are in pain, and have owners who either can’t medicate daily or wish for an alternative to daily medication or surgery.Our PST machine is an integral part of our rehabilitation and physical therapy, where step one is to decrease pain, followed by steps to increase strength and quality of life. This will not replace the use of pain medication in our practice; we want to provide a number of options that best fit our clients’ needs.

A treatment with the PST machine involves nine sessions that are ½ hour each (you’ll find specifics on this in your fact sheet). It is painless. Ours is the only PST machine in Minnesota, Iowa, or South Dakota. If you have any questions about PST please contact the staff or myself at All Pets Clinic (507) 524-3748.

Don’t hesitate to stop and look at it – I think it is one cool looking piece of equipment and I’m really exited about how much it will help our patients who are in pain!

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