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Puppies / Kittens

The Early Years

At All Pets every puppy or kitten that we see receives an initial puppy/kitten presentation. First one of the Technicians goes through all the information that a new pet owner needs to be aware of – everything from vaccinating to feeding to spay/neutering to making sure there are barriers between the little pet and parasites like fleas, ticks and worms. Then one of our veterinarians examines the youngster, discusses any topics that the owners have concerns with, and gives any treatments needed at that time. The new pet owners leave with a bunch of free stuff to help get them started, and a medical plan of action for their new pet.

Things to keep in mind concerning young pets:

Vaccinations – young pet’s immune systems are not fully developed, vaccinations help stimulate immunity more quickly that will help keep them safe from common contagious diseases.

Parasites – the prevention checklist is heartworm, fleas, ticks, ear mites and intestinal worms. Some of these parasites can either cause death (like heartworm disease) or carry other diseases (example ticks carry Lyme disease). Some can infest people – ticks, fleas, intestinal worms. If you don’t have a preventative plan for each of these, give us a call.

Microchiping – the microchip is applied at the time of vaccination and provides lifelong permanent identification in case your pet is lost or stolen. Many clients are requesting this for their puppy or kitten.

Spay/neutering – most pet owners are aware of the benefits of spay/neutering as far as avoiding undesirable behavior is concerned. What many people don’t realize is that spay/neutering decreases the pet’s desire to “check out that place on the other side of the road” which decreases the number of pets that we need to fix after being hit by a vehicle we are all for safe pets!

Food – this is a very important area of pet care, but is also very confusing. So many brands of food, all claiming to be the best. Our clients expect science-based answers when they come to All Pets, and that’s what they get concerning food too! Our food recommendations take into consideration the food’s nutrition, and also how safe it is for your pet, as well as you and your kids.

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