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What to Bring For Annual Exams

Preventative care improves your pet’s quality of life so much, and minimizes the impact on your bank account compared to treating illness…good job getting your pet in annually for his or her checkup and vaccinations.

Be sure to bring:

  • A list of all any questions or concerns that you have about your pet’s health.  We want to answer your questions!
  • Updated account information – if you plan to have another family member bring your pet to the clinic, it is helpful for you to call and review your account information to assure that it is accurate.
  • Know how you plan to handle payments – sometimes this can be awkward if another member of the family brings your pet in so don’t hesitate to give us a call ahead of time.  Also, we do have payment options (click here for payment options).  Some of the options require paperwork to be filled out, so if you might have interest in this area don’t hesitate to call us and we can help have all of that done ahead of time!
  • The bottles (or pictures of the labels) of everything that your pet has been taking orally – medications, supplements, treats, etc.
  • A picture of the food bag name that your pet has been eating.
  • We feel that you have the best knowledge of your pets overall health.  The things that we find during the annual visit are nuggets of additional information for you to add to the rest of your knowledge about your pet.  We will let you know what we find during the annual visit, what our recommendations are, and answer all of your questions. Nothing happens with your pet unless you are comfortable with it!

The annual exams involve several aspects:

  • A thorough physical exam – we regularly find things that are affecting your pet’s quality of life just by looking him or her over and listening to their heart and lungs.
  • Vaccines – to help prevent common uncomfortable illnesses – important for indoor cats and dogs as well as those who go outdoors!
  • Blood tests – some illnesses are common in our patients after they reach a certain age (usually around 6 years of age).  These illnesses can be treated if found early, but the only way to find them early is with a blood test (click here for senior blood tests).
  • Stance analyzer – joint stiffness, especially in the rear end, is common in our patients after they reach a certain age (usually around 6 years of age).  Beginning at this age, we begin tracking your pet’s stiffness level during the physical exam and with a type of scales called a stance analyzer.   (Click here for stance analyzer.)
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