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My Pet Gets Nervous Easily

Most of our patients actually do enjoy coming to All Pets Clinic.  The smells and excitement of being with their owner in such an exciting place gets them really fired up!  But some of our patients do get a little nervous, just like we do when we go to the doctor’s office.  Here are some things to consider if that is the case:

  • Let us know ahead of time...we will do our best to get your pet into a secure exam room as soon after you arrive as possible.
  • In some cases, when you pull into our parking lot, either give us a call or come in to let us know that you are here.  If it is more comfortable for your pet to stay in the vehicle until “the coast is clear” we are happy to accommodate that!
  • Sometimes, we have a “big dog little person” situation.  If your pet is big and strong, and either overly friendly or prefers avoiding other pets, let us know and we are happy to come out and help you bring your pal into the clinic and back out to the vehicle with the least amount of excitement.
  • The same applies to cats who are in carriers.  It can be challenging to get through the doors with a heavy carrier without giving your pal a wild ride!  We are happy to come out and help you carry him or her into the clinic and back out to the vehicle, just let us know!
  • Our staff and veterinarians appreciate that all of our patients are really individuals, with different personalities.  We take our time and use specific techniques (our clients often don’t even know we are doing these things) that help minimize anxiety.
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