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Booty (Chief Cat)

Booty is a black and white domestic shorthair who has found current residency at All Pets here in Mapleton, MN. He came to us in October 2007 from the Richard Abrahamson family. They had been feeding him in their garage for the summer, and since it was getting into the fall season they were ready to head down south for the winter and did not want to leave him all alone. They brought him into the clinic in hopes that we could find him a good home.

At first he was going to live on the farm at one of our technician Jo’s house, but after roaming the clinic for a few days, we decided he was a perfect fit. He enjoys his time here at the clinic by sitting in the windows and soaking up the sunshine. He also enjoys the daily visitors who give him more than enough attention. To round out the rest of his daily routine, he nibbles on his food and loves to play with his rolly ball toy that was donated to him by Marlene Kunard.

Do not be surprised if you mistake him for a stuffed animal, it has happened before smile When he is enjoying a cat nap, he rarely moves. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do when you come to visit All Pets.

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