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Keep Your Pet Out of Harm’s Way During the Holiday Season!!

Keep Your Pet Out of Harm’s Way During the Holiday Season!!
All Pets Medicine, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Clinic
Tim Klein, DVM

The emergency calls that I’ve seen so far this holiday season have gotten me thinking. When I put myself in my client’s shoes, I can see that the holiday “need to remember” list is often a long one – need to remember the kids, the presents, and what time to be everywhere. So I want to help make the “how to safe proof the house” list for the furry members of our family as easy as possible.

So here are some general areas to make sure you have covered.

Things that enter your pet’s mouth and go down the hatch. Avoid those things. Well, unless the stuff going down the hatch is the food they are already used to, that’s the safe (and exceedingly boring) exception. What …no treats!!

That’s hardly the holiday spirit Klein!! Ho Ho Ho!!

Honestly, things ingested are the number one cause of emergency visits during the holiday season. Some of those things are not surprising – any edible food that your pet’s digestive system is not used to can = diarrhea and vomiting, maybe pancreatitis.

Some ingested things are a little more surprising – chocolate causes caffeine toxicity, stringy ornaments or objects can = surgery to remove an obstruction (ornaments, stringy things that cats especially like, stuff that is not usually lying on the floor like socks and underwear or toys).

Some of the things that we have found during surgery have been a little … um …embarrassing for the owners – all in the holiday spirit of course!

Some ingested things are pretty surprising. An example is that most of our clients who have pets do a great job in their own house of picking up all the Tylenol tabs that accidentally fall on the floor, or making sure that the mouse poison is out of reach.

But what about the family house that they visit for the holiday … ?

The rest of the list is somewhat of a mixed bag of holiday nuts. Holiday emergency lacerations (usually either paw cuts from the sharp crust on the snow or big dog / little dog disagreements) are pretty common. Lameness from strains / sprains / fractures from extra play on slippery surfaces come right in there too.

Sometimes things are more serious. The rescue pet-in-training that is still just “shy” … well actually the holiday spirit does not always extend to visiting parents whose kids have just been bitten, and I’ve actually had to deal with some of these emergency situations, as have my human physician friends.

So to put a nice little “Bow on this Blog” … remember couple of things. Use a lot of common sense about what you expose your pet to during the holiday season. And if you have any questions call us. We don’t mind or charge for questions. Even if you call and there is no emergency, just talking it through usually helps the whole family sleep better. And a good night’s sleep is a good idea during the holidays!!

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