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Look at my Pearly White Teeth!!!

Look at my Pearly White Teeth!!!
Jamie Campbell, CVT
All Pets Medicine, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Clinic

As I mentioned in my bio on our web page, my favorite part of being a veterinary technician is seeing what an impact we make in our patients and their families lives. It is absolutely amazing to see what dental pain or ‘a tooth ache’ can do to a pet’s quality of life or even the negative effect it can have on their personality and health. Dentistry seems to be one of the areas we make a huge impact on our patients lives. For those of us with pets, the last thing on our minds during the day is if Fluffy had his or her teeth brushed today. We all have very busy schedules and it is so easy to look past. But the fact of the matter is dental care REALLY is important in our pets!

Because most of our clients are familiar with Booty (our friendly clinic cat), I will use him for an example. In mid-July we scheduled Booty for a routine dental cleaning. He had slight to moderate dental calculus and gingivitis, and was not showing us any signs of pain in his mouth. It was not until he was sedated and positioned on the table that we found both upper canine teeth had severe gingival recession (gums receding back on the tooth, showing the root) and one of his molars was diseased and painful. After extracting the “bad” teeth, we cleaned and polished his teeth. The next week we noticed a dramatic change in Booty’s attitude! He was happier and playing much more then usual. Needless to say, he was feeling better after getting those painful teeth out of his mouth. Staff members have noticed this change in their own pets and clients have let us know “their pet’s haven’t felt this good in years” after such cleanings as well.

Regardless of the age of your pet, it is important to start a good dental hygiene routine. We know brushing isn’t always realistic (pet doesn’t like it, family doesn’t have time, etc), so we offer numerous forms of dental care products here at the clinic. Examples include food products (Science Diet T/D), treats (tartar chews, bones, etc), or even water additives! A professional dental cleaning is needed to remove any tartar accumulated on teeth, and after that preventative care will help slow it from building up again (and save money on another cleaning). We are always more then happy to go over any of these products or techniques. Just remember… YOUR PET HAS A SMILE TOO smile

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